About ’Berta

Fresh Face. Fresher Ideas!

Tune in for plenty of laughs as Roberta Morris plays ’Berta, a small-town gal who’s moved to the Big City to make it in the topsy-turvy world of graphic design. Watch as she designs her way out of sticky creative situations—armed with her trusty Pantone® app.

A fully integrated designer with extensive experience, ‘Berta’s works closely with her clients to provide them high-impact, top-quality design solutions that meet their needs. Ranging from digital to branding to collateral—and just about everything in between—she’s like the Swiss army knife of designers! In addition, her experience as a manager and instructor continues to enrich her own understanding of design and communication.

Following projects from conception to completion, ’Berta finds there’s nothing more satisfying than starting with a kernel—or even from scratch—and growing a brand, digital product, or campaign into a complete cohesive package.

When she’s not designing something, ’Berta’s pursuing other interests such as painting and collage, crochet, science, reading, writing, world travel, and cats.

View her extensive portfolio and see first hand to see what she’s done for other clients. We know she’ll get a great reception!

Roberta Morris is an awesome artist and creative spirit. She is detailed, easy to work with, and follows your lead if that’s what you need. Roberta also brings her own great ideas, a strong sense of design, and excellent writing skills. You will enjoy working with her!