Martini Minute

Welcome to ’Berta’s blog! Check back frequently to read ’Berta’s entertaining and insightful musings on a variety of design-related topics. Put up your feet, loosen your tie, and enjoy a Martini Minute.


Welcome to ‘Berta’s Blog!

Hi Everybody! Welcome to my blog! My name is Roberta, and I am a designer with a brand new site—and a fresh perspective on design. I often post my observations, musings, and thoughts about design and other light-hearted topics. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a Martini Minute—and don’t forget to share widely (on Twitter and Facebook and such)!

Yes, I named my blog ‘Martini Minute’. Is there any other kind? In light of the success of Mad Men, and the stresses we all encounter as part and parcel of working in an office, it’s nice to sometimes take five, put your feet up on your desk, and enjoy a bit of levity. I even have a flip chart in my office that I often use to communicate to coworkers where I’m “at” in any particular moment. Today’s page says: “Where is the Art Director?” Answer: “Seeking comfort,”—complete with a picture of a plate with cheeseburger and fries.


Think of this blog as your weekly plate of cheeseburger and fries.

— ‘Berta