’Berta’s Portfolio

Don’t touch that dial . . . tune in to ’Berta’s extensive portfolio, showcasing keen concepts and swell slogans. Select a category to see the variety, quality, and creativity of design she's produced for other clients. As you browse, you’ll get a clearer picture of what ’Berta can bring to your project. We know she’ll get a great reception!


SIPPS® Teacher’s Packages

GroceryWorks™ Advertising Campaign

Supaflarez: Darez 2 B Sexee® Logo Design

Dallas Museum of Art 20th Century Design Show Book

Center for the Collaborative Classroom Organizational Brochure

The Foundation Brand Identity

AfterSchool KidzMath™ Games & Story Guides Grades K–5

AfterSchool KidzScience™ Kits Grades 3–5

Dallas Museum of Art Ancient Egypt & Nubia Family Guide

Texas Instruments Product Promotional Materials

7-Eleven® Grilled Food Station Signage

Developmental Studies Center 2004–5 Marketing Campaign

Being a Reader™ Animal Homes Hybrid Book

Developmental Studies Center Website Design

Being a Writer™ Digital Support Materials

7-Eleven® NHL Promotional Sweepstakes Signage

Irving Community Theater Season Brochure

Slurpee® Refillable Mug Translight Sign

Making Meaning® Rosie the Riveter Trade Book

Schnee-Morehead Sealant Tube Packaging

7-Eleven® Seasonal Storefront Signage

AfterSchool KidzMath™ Funny Bug Online Game

Fun-o-matics: Supaflarez® Wholesale Kit

7-Eleven® Cafe Cooler Bottle Packaging

Slurpee® Halloween Translite Sign

Phosphore Lab Logo Design

City Coasters Mobile App

Developmental Studies Center Brand Identity Package

World Ovens™ Pastry Case Header

SIPPS® Plus Dreams on Wheels

Center for the Collaborative Classroom Marketing Collateral

Fun-o-matics Website Design

River Service Logo Design

Argus Communications Buy One, Get 1 Free Store Signage

Words in Action Program Materials Promo

Urbathon Logo Design

Being a Writer™ Program Grades K–5

New York Life After-School Initiative Pop-up

AfterSchool KidzLit® On-site Support Kit

7-Eleven® Hot Soup Station Signage

Center for the Collaborative Classroom Brand Identity Package

Being a Reader™ Rub-a-dub-dub Hybrid Book

Irving Arts Center Performances Series Posters

Imersion Ultimate CRM Solutions Logo Design

CCC Learning Hub Website and App Design

Forty Winks Pillow Co. Logo Design

Fun-o-matics Logo and Identity Package

Being a Reader™ Fox Spills the Stars Hybrid Book

Making Meaning® Program Grades K–5

GroceryWorks™ Customer Loyalty Campaign

Weitzman Group Website

SIPPS® Web Apps

Being a Writer™ Transcontinental Railroad Article

Texas Instruments: T3 Seminar Pocket Folder

Fun-o-matics: Supaflarez® Marketing Campaign

Being a Reader™ Glaciers and the Earth Hybrid Book

Irving Arts Center Lyric Stage Season Brochure

The Integer Group Logo Design

GroceryWorks™ New Mom Welcome Kit

Slurpee® Citra® Flavor Translite Sign

Being a Reader™ Handwriting App

The Foundation Logo

World Ovens™ Bakery Fresh Pastry Case Header

Argus Communications Posters Display Header Sign

Petersen Family Autobiography Book Project

52 Simple Ways to Get Organized Digital Book

AfterSchool KidzLit® Leader’s Kits Grades K–8

Being a Reader™ Program Grades K–2

Auxilia Logo Design

Words in Action™ Teacher’s Package

Beetail.com Identity Package and T-shirt

Arts & Valeurs Website

CRE Cloud Solutions Website Template

The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Click here to read case studies of some of ’Berta’s clients—the results speak for themselves!

Just leave it to Berta! Very happy with Berta’s professionalism and service. She was very patient with our companies logo ideas and worked with us in an extremely collaborative manner. Very happy I left it to Berta: )