Bordeaux Kitchen Naturals

The client, author of The Bordeaux Kitchen, a cook book about French cooking, culture, and ancestral food traditions, was inspired to create her own balms and soaps using lard, beef tallow, and other organic ingredients. ’Berta worked closely with the client to create the extended branding and packaging for this product line, leveraging the existing caché of the book. The client wanted the look and feel to be a ‘nod’ to the Bordeaux region and French traditional culture, but with a fresh, modern twist.

After the product launch, the client reports “People are really loving and complimenting the design! We’ve done a great job together!” Sales in her Etsy shop topped over 200 just over the summer.

logo for Bordeaux Kitchen Naturals

Logo Design for Product

Bordeaux Kitchen Naturals Product Style Shot

Bordeaux Kitchen Naturals handmade balm packaging
Bordeaux Kitchen Naturals handmade soaps packaging