From small-town gal to Big City designer.

Tune in for plenty of laughs as Roberta Morris plays ’Berta, a small-town gal in the Big City who’s making her mark in the topsy-turvy world of graphic design. Watch as ’Berta—armed with her trusty sketch pad—plays the heroine and designs her way out of sticky creative situations.

Who’s ’Berta?

She’s a full-service creative designer and team leader with a long and diverse career. Starting out in advertising and boutique design in Dallas, TX, she then immigrated to the City of Light, Paris, and eventually found her heart in San Francisco. Throughout her years of experience, she’s worked for a wide range of clients and agencies, providing them with fully-integrated digital and print design solutions.

Why hire ’Berta?

’Berta brings extensive experience to the table to support your team. In addition to flawless design strategy and execution, she also offers management expertise. She’s got soft skills! With an emphasis on professionalism, she listens to and works closely with her clients to provide them with high-impact design solutions that meet (and exceed) their needs and expectations.

’Berta brings her creativity to bear on even the most challenging assignments. Following projects from concept to completion, ’Berta finds that there’s nothing more satisfying than starting with a kernel (or even from scratch) and growing a brand, website, print package, or campaign into a complete cohesive final product.

Check out ’Berta’s resume for a summary of her background and skill set, and view ’Berta’s work to see firsthand the quality, creativity, and variety of projects she’s completed for other clients.

What does ’Berta do in her free time?

She enjoys giving back to the community by using her design powers for good. She’s currently working on volunteer mobile app and web/rebranding projects for Career Girls and through Taproot Foundation, respectively. She also enjoys blogging about all things design. Check out her Martini Minute musings.

When she’s not designing something, ’Berta pursues other interests including world travel, painting and collage, crochet, science, reading, writing, adventurous cuisine, artisanal coffee, karaoke, and cats.

First she helped me sharpen the appearance of my website. Then she designed a suite of collateral materials that matched the website’s look and feel. For this project, I stuck with a photo I’d purchased online rather than go deeper into branding, logo, etc., so her hands were somewhat tied, but I was amazed by her ability to work within my budget and time constraints and still significantly boost my business’s online and print presentation. She is endlessly creative, extremely professional, and a delight to interact with. When I’m ready to go to the next level she is the first, last, and only designer I will hire to take me there!

Sarah Rosenthal, Certified Integral Coach, Sculpting My Life