Schedule your 30-minute Test Flight with ’Berta!

For ventures big and small, ’Berta offers 30-minute consultations! You’ll have the opportunity to discuss where you are in your business journey, and how ’Berta may be able to help your team to achieve its mission. Before the meeting, you’ll receive a pre-flight form so you can provide some background information about your business and what you hope to achieve so the conversation is the most productive for you.

During our conversation, we will discuss such topics as:

  • The state of your current branding and the message you want to send to your ideal customer
  • How your logo, colors, fonts, and aesthetic style can empower your business
  • Recommendations to level up your brand
  • What your BIG goals are for you business!

’Berta looks forward to connecting on a cosmic level and exploring the universe of possibilities!