Satisfied Customers

A full-service print and digital design professional, ’Berta brings extensive experience to the table to support your team. With an emphasis on professionalism, she listens, and works closely with clients to provide flawless creative design strategy and execution, along with management expertise. But don’t just take ’Berta’s word for it. Read what other folks have to say about working with ’Berta and judge for yourself!

She understands what’s current and knows how to make branding look fresh and original.

I have known Roberta for years and have much respect for her work, both personal and professional. When I had my own branding project come up, I knew I could turn to her for help. She understands what’s current, and knows how to make branding look fresh and original. Working with her is such a pleasure—she has great knowledge of her industry and craft, much patience with all the back and forth as one develops a brand, and she has a full grasp on resources and suppliers available to complete a branding project. Reliable, thorough, and knowledgable. And very cool! Thank you, Roberta!

Tania Teschke, author of The Bordeaux Kitchen

Roberta became a true collaborator

Roberta became a true collaborator in helping me refresh the interior and cover design for a new edition of a previously released children’s biography. She listened to my needs, helped me clarify my thinking and generated options for us to work through before landing on the final product. She also was responsive and great with communications. I hope we’ll be able to work on a future book project together!

— Jennifer Phillips, Children’s Book Author

Never skipped a beat

Roberta did a great job filling in for our lead designer and project manager who was out on leave for nine months. It was a big role and she made it look easy. She works quickly and she helped us serve the complex, deadline-driven needs of our litigation attorney clients without skipping a beat. We hope to continue to utilize Roberta’s services in the future.

— Jonathan Carey, President of LegalVision

Just “Leave it to ‘Berta.”

What a great hook. Roberta was a pleasure to work with, prolific in creativity and always happy to keep working the problem until the creative solution was found. Happy to keep her on my roster.

— Doug Logan, Creative Services Manager, AssetMark

’Berta is team gold!

Roberta is team gold! She consistently creates and elicits results that are visually appealing and on-target. Roberta is a talented art director, designer, and manager. She is perceptive, clever, fair, upfront, an excellent communicator and writer, and a great pleasure to work with.

’Berta art directs and manages with intelligence and agility, she is multi-talented and remarkably productive. She has a wealth of publishing expertise, with a rare blend of right and left brain talent. I’ve watched Roberta lead various complex design projects at once, as well as people, schedules, and budgets, all with extraordinary proficiency, ease, and speed. In addition, Roberta is generous in her partnerships and with her wisdom. As a designer on a Making Meaning project, I found her art direction inspiring. She provides room to grow, is truthful and direct with her feedback, and always ready to lend a hand. I’m very proud of the work that Roberta and I have done together.

Creative, smart, organized, communicative, warm, and curious—[she] is a winning and solid talent, and a treasured teammate.

— Karen McClinchy, Designer, Illustrator, 2-D Animator and Educator

Just leave it to ’Berta!

Very happy with ’Berta’s professionalism and service. She was very patient with our company’s logo ideas and worked with us in an extremely collaborative manner. Very happy I left it to ’Berta. : )

— Daniel Adler, The Foundation

She is always the first person I think of when I need a visual design.

I have known and worked with Roberta on various design projects for the past 16 years. In addition to her training as an artist, she has uncanny vision and judgment about her designs. From the very first time she designed a piece for me, I was amazed at how she can create the perfect vision from my vague or inarticulate description of what’s needed and come up with something that blows me away. I don’t know how she does it but I am always grateful to have use her talents and smarts on my projects.

To recap, she is smart, creative, talented, professional and easy to work with. She is always the first person I think of when I need a visual design.

— Linda Calhoun, Executive Producer at Career Girls

It was a pleasure working with ’Berta!

Her work was exceptional, and as someone who had never published a book before, she made matters so easy! Her communication skills are exceptional and timely–she has a knack for communicating complicated details in manners that the layperson (such as myself) can easily understand. . . . She not only formatted our content, but also engaged in creating awesome icons and visual layouts for the entire curriculum. It is clear to me that she approaches her work with a great deal of passion and expertise, and I could not be happier with the final product that she produced for us! I highly recommend Roberta for anyone’s publishing work!

— Vinay Mallikaarjun, Life Lessons Curriculum

I would work with her in a flash anytime, anywhere…

I first met Roberta in 2006 when we worked together in the Media Production Department at Developmental Studies Center now known as the Center for the Collaborative Classroom. I immediately saw that she was a very bright and capable person who could think inside and outside the box as needed to get a job done and done right to fit the project. Roberta has a very incisive mind and can see how best a project should be accomplished on time and on budget. You can count on her to give her honest opinion and she always has ideas that you may not have thought of. She’s easy to work with. She’s got an amazing sense of humor and playfulness that she brings to her work but she can also provide 100% serious content and design. This is what makes her a great designer. I would work with her in a flash anytime, anywhere and you can’t say that about many people.

— Renee Benoit, Realtor at Century 21

One of [’Berta’s] most outstanding characteristics is her abundant creativity.

I worked closely [’Berta] for more than 14 years at Center for the Collaborative Classroom. During our time together there, we collaborated on multiple projects, both print and digital. We mostly worked together on marketing collateral, but I was also involved in her work with other departments within the organization as well.

One of [’Berta‘s] most outstanding characteristics is her abundant creativity. In practice, this meant that she was able to approach all projects from many different directions and with alternative perspectives, helping her create truly original collateral. As a partner with her on multiple projects over the years, I was always impressed with her ability to consider—and balance—strategic issues, creative concepts, and practical considerations. It was also impressive to watch her (over a period of anywhere from several weeks to months) shepherd very important and complex campaigns through numerous client presentations and shifts in direction. These “big picture” skills are matched by a keen eye and a real attention to detail.

— Susan Hult, Marketing Coordinator at Stillwater Sciences