Robert Wadlow Biography

This children’s biography about Robert Wadlow, the world’s tallest person who ever lived, was written by Jennifer Phillips, a journalist and children’s book author who grew up in Robert’s hometown of Alton, Illinois.

Robert lived a life in the spotlight due to his unusual height, and tragically died young of an infection. This is a story about Robert’s short life that speaks directly to young readers about being different and overcoming adversity.

In addition, this book was recently awarded a 2020 Purple Dragonfly Award for Children’s Nonfiction.

’Berta’s Role

’Berta worked closely with the author to capture Robert’s story in an engaging and respectful way. Throughout the process, they collaborated on which photos/newspaper clippings to use to best illustrate a part of his story, and worked through numerous cover options to get the right feel that would interest readers, and at the same time capture Robert’s incredible height.

See the print edition of the book, as well as the ePUB and Kindle versions as well.

Robert Wadlow biography book pages

Opening Chapter Spread

Robert Wadlow biography book pages

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Robert Wadlow biography book pages

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Robert Wadlow biography book pages