Secrets of the Moon

Book Cover and Spread

Client: Andrew Osiow

Category: Publishing

Scope: Cover and interior book design

Project Objectives: Secrets of the Moon: Myth and Mysticism, History and Science is an exploration of the author’s life-long fascination with the moon and its history, lore, and mystery.

From the Author:

Secrets of the Moon travels beyond legends and astronomy to find the Moon is everywhere we turn. It’s a book for anybody that has stared at the Moon and wondered if there’s more. Take a journey to the Moon like the trailblazing astronauts from the past and take it apart one rock at a time. See how the Moon keeps changing through history and how it has changed us. Find out why it scares us, intrigues us, and discover its lost name. See how the Moon created dueling worlds of superstition and science and learn why why we lost interest in the Moon just when it was getting interesting. You can purchase it here.

Book Cover