Supa*flarez: Brand and Campaign

Supa*flarez Brand and Campaign

The promotional campaign for Supa*flarez includes various marketing materials branding and promoting this line of retro-inspired products from Fun-o-matics. Reinforcing the Supa*flarez fun lifestyle and brand to potential customers, promotional materials include: product photography, product line sheets, packaging, signage, and giveaways.

Supaflarez postcard

Supa*flarez Postcard


The Supa*flarez: Darez 2 B Sexee® logo communicates style and fun and is prominently displayed on products and promtional materials. The flower power flavor of the mark reinforces the retro-inspired flavor of the product line.

Supaflarez Logo

Supa*flarez Logo

’Berta’s Role

’Berta is the Founder of Fun-0-matics and Designer of Supa*flarez, so she considers this a passion project close to her heart. As a one woman band, ’Berta:

  • Conceptualized the Fun-o-matics and Supa*flarez brands, creating all product designs.
  • Created all the branding and marketing materials for the Supa*flarez product line.
  • Promoted and sold all products online and at retail shows.
Supaflarez t-shirt design

T-shirt Designs

stack of Supaflarez t-shirts
Supaflarez poster

Promotional Signage, Posters, and Banners

Supaflarez Facebook ad

Social Media Ad

Supa*flarez Product Wholesale Kit

This kit containing everything a retailer needs to start selling the product, including an assortment of tees, line sheet, hang tags, stickers, signage, and a standard contract.