Woven Pieces: A Memoir

Woven Pieces memoir cover


Client: Tess Kubota

Category: Memoir

Scope: cover and interior book design

Project Objectives:

This book project was very personal for the client. This memoir was written about her process of self-discovery and the search to learn more about her father’s life and to better understand her own. A tailor, her father was kidnapped by the Japanese in the Philippines during World War II and never seen again. Tess was only one  years old. She would never know her father except through conversations she had with her mother and other relatives, as well as records and a knowledge of the place and time. Working closely with the client on this project was interesting. Not only was her story compelling, but it was a unique challenge to create a design that would communicate her story in a visually interesting and sensitive way.



Woven Pieces memoir interior spread

Interior Spreads

Woven Pieces memoir interior spread
Woven Pieces memoir interior spread