AfterSchool KidzScience Kits

AfterSchool KidzScience, is an after-school enrichment series of kits that leaders and kids use to explore Green, Life, Physical, Forensic, and Sunlight Sciences. As part of the “Kidz’ line of after school products, these kits were designed to coordinate with AfterSchool KidzMathand AfterSchool KidzLit® Each kit contains: handbooks, guides, question cards), and other ancillaries that vary by kit (posters, games, photo cards, and more). Each kit also contains all the materials needed to lead and conduct the experiments for four sessions’ worth of materials packaged in grab-and-go bags. There are a total of 14 kits in the series.

Illustrations are by Michael Wertz. Check out the online training videos here.

all 15 science kit tubs

All AfterSchool KidzScience Kits

Green Science Kits

fresh water science kit showing components

Fresh Water Kit

game board and card decks
game board detail

Fresh Water Kit Game Board Detail