White Dwarf Service Level

Not sure how your brand stacks up to the competition? For ventures big and small, ’Berta has formulated customizable and scalable services to help your venture achieve its mission. What do they include? Well, the moon and the stars, of course!

Looking to grow your business?

white dwarf service level icon

Do you want to boost your brand with a refresh or reboot? With the White Dwarf Service Level, ’Berta partners with you to explore your business and better understand what’s working, broken, or missing so you can reach for the stars!

Working with you to design select identity pieces such as a logo, color scheme, font choices, and aesthetic style to power your business. ’Berta will:

  • Consult with you to learn more about your business
  • Conduct stakeholder interviews in order to fully understand the scope of your mission
  • Help you better define your brand personality and suggest ideas to better position your brand in the market, crafting the message you want to send to your ideal customer
  • Conduct an analysis of your competition
  • Create a customer profile (i.e. target audience)
  • Design brand identity package pieces such as a logo, collateral, and brand guidelines
  • Provide as-needed project management
  • Provide extra support in the form of print and digital campaign materials design

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Neutron Level

Just getting started? Need a budget-conscious brand solution to launch your business? The Neutron Service Level is focused on building a solid launch pad to take your business into the stratosphere!

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Red Giant Level

Need pretty much everything under the sun? The Red Giant Service Level fully defines your company’s mission and what your brand is all about. From the drawing pad to the launch pad, this level defines a flightpath to take you to galaxies beyond our Milky Way!

Supernova Level

Not sure which service level is right for your business? Contact ’Berta to discuss your specific needs, be it branding or any other type of project you need to land. You define the mission—there are a universe of possibilities!

Intergalactic Promo Kit

Want to know how ’Berta and Co. can help your team? Get a package full of fun—right in your mailbox!

First she helped me sharpen the appearance of my website. Then she designed a suite of collateral materials that matched the website’s look and feel. For this project, I stuck with a photo I’d purchased online rather than go deeper into branding, logo, etc., so her hands were somewhat tied, but I was amazed by her ability to work within my budget and time constraints and still significantly boost my business’s online and print presentation. She is endlessly creative, extremely professional, and a delight to interact with. When I’m ready to go to the next level she is the first, last, and only designer I will hire to take me there!

— Sarah Rosenthal, Certified Integral Coach, Sculpting My Life