She’s Fresh. She’s Creative.
Whatever the Task,

Leave It to ’Berta!

At Your Service!

With many years’ experience providing high-impact, top-quality design to her clients, you name it, ’Berta’s designed it! A fully integrated designer, her projects range from branding and apps to collateral and tees—and just about everything in between.

‘Berta Gets Results!

In the spirit of show-and-tell, ‘Berta’s work showcases her design expertise. Take a gander at her portfolio and see the variety, quality, and creativity of work she’s produced for other clients—you’ll like what you see!

Martini Minute Time!

All work and no play makes ‘Berta a dull gal—so in the interest of tomfoolery, ‘Berta’s blog features some fun, insightful reading just for you. Put up your feet. Loosen your tie. Indulge in a Martini Minute.

Swell Projects Spotlight

‘Berta’s cooking with gas, and serving up fresh creative work to her clients. Click below to take a gander at any of these freshly baked projects, or click here to see her entire portfolio of blue-plate specials!


Providence Foundation of San Francisco Website Design

The Foundation Brand Identity

The Foundation Logo

52 Simple Ways to Get Organized Digital Book

Petersen Family Autobiography Book Project

Being a Reader™ Handwriting App

City Coasters Mobile App

Weitzman Group Website